¿-Wi-Ki-Woo New Destination Hotel, Spain

Perfectly situated on the sun-soaked coast of San Antonio, Ibiza, this cool & stylish luxury hotel offers guests a glamourous art deco style holiday experience.

Wiki Woo Ibiza Hotel

The superb newly renovated hotel is positioned on the seafront offering its guests striking views - but equally as striking is the hotel’s commitment to great interior design. Full of character and quirkiness, yet the hotel is organised with a mixture of flamboyant metallics and pastel shades. Throughout the hotel you’ll find special finishing art-deco style touches which usher in a contemporary twist on the traditional expectations of a hotel giving guests an ‘experience like no other’.

“We wanted to create a place that’s truly unique and bespoke to us. A special place integrating and enhancing architecture, design and that reflects the values and lifestyle found within Ibiza. We needed strong designs that allow the opportunity to showcase to travellers from across the world an example of our style, elegance and hospitality,” explains Luci Lopez, General Manager.


Contributing to this vision was, SBID accredited Textile Designer, Beth Lewin who is Head Designer at Bespoke by Evans. The bespoke design & print services were specifically chosen as they offer the ability to create something truly unique that would add to the guests’ experience and long-lasting memories. Collaboratively working alongside Luci, Beth was able to apply a high level of creativity and industry knowledge to not only fulfil the hotel’s requirements, but exceed expectations.

“Wi-Ki-Woo presented a very exciting challenge and was a great project to work on. The magnificent property clearly had a well thought-out identity and needed contemporary bespoke fabric designs that married up their strategic ambitions to capture a particular demographic” says Beth.  “It was of paramount importance to us that we understood the positive Ibiza lifestyle, the array of guests being welcomed through the doors and reinforced the strong character of the hotel.”

Wiki Woo Ibiza Hotel

All these elements were at the heart of the designs supplied and as such, every design had been meticulously designed by Beth. The designs featured distinct references to the elegance of the Art Deco era, brought to life by the fabric textures, colours and shades that can only be found exclusively in the designs created by the Bespoke by Evans. Each design produced echoed the hotel’s character using a blend of colours, eye-catching imagery and their iconic inverted question mark. “The array of designs and use of fabrics was fundamental in narrating rooms within the hotel.” added Beth.

In total, the design studio created a unique collection of five inherently flame-retardant fabrics that could be used throughout the hotel. The collection consisted of fabrics that were made into headboards, scatter cushions, bed throws, blinds and curtains. Each element was designed then printed within the UK to the hotels exact specifications. Upholding the current regulations to flame retardancy, each fabric was certified to British Standards and particular fabrics also offered additional benefits such as anti-microbial properties and the hotel regulatory 95% dimout.

Following the bespoke fabric and printing service, Wi-Ki-Woo now features five types of luxurious guest rooms, including two types of extravagant suites that showcase stunning bespoke designs. Throughout the hotel, the bespoke designs and prints help to illuminate colours, artwork and make guests’ stay truly special.