About Our Anti-Viral Fabric Finish

According to the Oxford University Press, a safeguard can be defined as "a measure taken to protect someone or something or to prevent something undesirable." With the addition of Viro Safeguard on your fabric, you can rest assured you're adding a layer of protection against something undesirable. Our new Viro Safeguard fabric treatment has been specially developed in Germany to protect your fabric against potentially harmful and odour causing bacteria. Viro Sageguard effectively protects whilst maintaining your fabrics inherent properties such as softness, colour or flame retardancy. The treatment means the fabrics contain a virucidal/antiviral protective finish based on a reaction mass of titanium dioxide and silver chloride - in short, this chemical reaction helps shield against a virus 'attack'.

The microstructures in Viro SafeGuard enable powerful antibacterial and antiviral effects based on two mechanisms:

  1. Blocking of oxygen transporting enzymes - affecting metalloenzymes antioxidant defences and repair systems impairing growth
  2. Inactivation of sulphur-containing bacterial proteins by crushing disuphfide bonds

High Performing Results Embedded In Your Fabric

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a greater necessary for care homes, hotels, workplaces and other commercial and domestic environments to consider the need for antibacterial and antiviral solutions. That's why Evans Textiles have introduced this fabric treatment and unlike most hard surfaces, viruses within textiles can be 'caught' and thus have a reduced tendency to spread.

The Feline coronavirus belongs in the family of Coronaviridae. These viruses are enveloped and have an outer corona of envelope spikes. Testing against SARS CoV-2 (Covid-19), is not available in commercial laboratories but Viro Safeguard has been tested against another Coronavirus which may have similar characteristics to Covid-19. Viro Safeguard has independently shown immediate effect on Feline Coronavirus within 60mins when demonstrated against untreated fabrics.

Everyday Performance Laundable To 71°

Results show that Viro Safeguard can retain high performance after multiple washes. After 5 washes at 40 the antiviral performance still stood at 97.21%., In addition, in line with most disinfection health guidelines, the Viro Safeguard has a wash fastness of 50 washes at 71°C.

Results after 5 washes at 40

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Viro Safeguard is not intended to prevent disease, but it is for the protection of the treated fabric. Evans Textile (Sales) Limited makes no health claims. Fabrics will never stop a virus but Viro Safeguard will help to ensure viruses do not live or stay on treated fabrics for long.