A Quick Guide to British Standards to Flame Retardancy

Fire retardancy, Flame retardancy, Fire resistant materials, FR Fabrics, FR textiles, Fire Resistant textiles, Flame retardant fabrics – whichever and whatever labels you chose to use, it’s critically important you understand the British Standards you must adhere to. To help, we’ve noted some quick information below

BS5867 Part 2 B & 2C– This standard detail the requirements for flame retardant curtains and blinds fabrics

  • Part 2 B means that an item can be washed 12 times and still pass the fire retardancy test.
  • Part 2C relates to inherently flame retardant fabrics which can be washed up to 50 times and continue to be fire resistant.

BS7175 – Effecting Bedding. The fabrics will need to be Polyester in order to pass as they need to be inherent for the continued washing.

BS5852 – Upholstery fabrics – Crib and match test used to ensure they will not burn with a cigarette and a match against them.

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